Neethlingshof is a place of rare beauty where man and nature strive together to produce the finest wines. Along with the awe-inspiring manor house, the estate is steeped in history which dates back to 1705 and is distinguished by the beautiful avenue of stone pines at the entrance.

Neethlingshof is a place where soil, climate and vines co-exist in perfect harmony. Neethlingshof boasts a range of premium red and white varietals which also encompass their superb Short Story Collection; focused on the estate's philosophy and historical character.

Under the watchful and caring eyes of consulting viticulturist Eben Archer and winemaker, De Wet Viljoen, grapes are afforded the perfect opportunity for slow ripening to enable components to reach full maturity and subsequently, enhance their natural flavours and aromas.

The Neethlingshof Estate is a great place to host a function, an ideal place to enjoy a business conference, an anniversary celebration or birthday luncheon. The cellar tasting room offers a great opportunity to bond with colleagues or friends as you sample the enticing Neethlingshof range.

Polkadraai Road, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa
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